Beowulf Slot Review

Beowulf slots from Quickspin are the perfect way to have fun. Based on an old…

Beowulf slots from Quickspin are the perfect way to have fun. Based on an old English poem dating from the Scandinavian Viking Age, sometime between 975-1020 AD, it tells the story of how Beowulf went up against Grendel and his mother to defeat them both! With 25 paylines available at any given time, plus 5 rows of reels making up each machine screen (for maximum impact!), this video slot has some cool graphics that are sure to entertain you and remind us why we love playing casino games.

Grendel Attack Function

The iron bars of the reels of Beowulf Slot frame a huge hulking creature on the left side. The first time you play this game to kill Grendel (a nasty monster who took advantage and stole some gold from your house), it is important that before you start our revenge journey home again, you have adjusted how much money will be wagered on each turn, choosing from 0.30 to 300 dollars per spin!

The jackpot is high thanks to the non-progressive 500 coin reward. You can increase your chances of winning by playing free spins, wild symbols or multipliers when they appear on the screen!

Beowulf slot machine strategies

Beowulf slot is one of the simplest and most understandable slot machines. This means you can play it without worrying about what happens next, allowing you to spend more time gambling! The ROI percentage of 96% may seem impressive at first glance, but when you consider that these numbers are based on an average bet per spin and not on high stakes or large jackpots; then things get even better because players, in general, will earn higher returns, even if their total winnings don’t change much from month to month.

Grendel Attack Function

Beowulf is a terrible creature that moves out of the drum to kill Grendel. You will get respins for every dead monster, and when it returns, you will be able to unlock symbols such as wilds, which will remain locked until the rounds begin!

Free Spins

Grendel’s Terrible Mother is a scatter symbol. Landing three or four of them on your reels will give you additional opportunities to win big! If that’s not enough, landing five scatters means a payout of ten times the amount originally wagered, so keep an eye out for these powerful offspring if they appear in any old spot.

The battle between Beowulf and the Dragon continues. It is possible to get 3 free spins, but more will depend on what happens in this fight for victory! Whenever a sword is displayed, both characters have had one health taken away when they spawn (wild) again. It remains frozen until another symbol appears; it will then disappear without any effect but will still reduce the total health points of each party member.

Beowulf and the dragon fight to see who survives. The powerful being has never been defeated, but this time it looks like they both have no chance of winning as their health bars drop to the bare minimum, leaving each with only 1% left! But if you’re betting man/woman, then bet on our hero because 3 extra free spins are waiting for those who do so when they take home the win.

What it takes to win

This slot machine has low to medium variance, and payouts can range from small wins. But if you want more money, then use your bonus feature! You are guaranteed good luck in this game because it offers significant payout values ​​depending on what the advantage was during the game – for example, higher stakes will also bring bigger jackpots and also make sure that even trophies do not go uncounted. at least once during the game, thanks in part to the RTP hovering around 96%.

Beowulf for mobile

Quickspin have been around for many years, and their slot machines are known to be some of the most modern in design. They recently took it one step further by including mobile compatibility in these games!

Beowulf slots offer the same graphics and features whether you play on desktop or mobile.

Final Verdict

Beowulf is an interesting slot game with user-friendly graphics that keeps you entertained all day. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines where players can bet from 0 to 300 per spin! And while this is a low-to-medium variance game like most other slots today (in terms of risk and reward), the accumulated winnings are usually not only significant but also come in faster than ever before, thanks in part to the fact that this type of gambling is so simple yet lucrative at times – especially if played smart while being friendly to yourself, taking small steps towards becoming confident enough before spinning large sums on different machines/slots.