7 Best Animal Themed Slots

  7 Best Animal Themed Slots Many online slots feature our furry friends, and it’s…


7 Best Animal Themed Slots

Many online slots feature our furry friends, and it’s no surprise why. The love for them is universal!

1. Astro Pug Slots

We invite you to spin on slot machines of your choice. A new good-natured adventure awaits you with each spin! No matter what spirit animal you represent, these games will make everyone swoon with excitement when they try their luck in a big win or come up empty-handed, but never lose hope, because there is always another opportunity around every corner playing slots!

1. Astro Pug Slots

The new pug-themed slot machine is a must-play for those who love these furry creatures. Brought to you by Lightning Box, this innovative and Oriental design will have your heart racing with excitement as soon as it loads up! With pagoda roofs and koi fish swimming around the screen in beautiful colours of green or gold–this game has everything anyone could want from their favourite slots provider: variety (with different symbols popping out at every turn), premiums(you can win big if find ones) AND novelty value thanks its adorable Hitachi headlights adorably rotating among all other.

The slot machine is so full of wild pugs and bones that you could win 1,296 different ways! Hit the +1 Wild Pug or Bone Multiplier for an extra spin.

2. Karate Pig

The Microgaming slot game based on the Kung Fu Panda films is a surprising hit with pigs. You could be the lucky winner of a massive 10,000-dollar payout.

The game is so much fun even if you don’t win anything. Watching the karate chopping from all animal characters is worth playing!

3. White Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland fans will be thrilled to find a slot machine full of characters from their favourite story. The five-reel, 25-payline game has Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat on every screen!

The Red Queen is the best place for maxing out your original bet. With 248,832 ways to win and free spins that will have you coming back again and again—you’ll be a fool not to try it.

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4. Rumble Rhino

You can now play a fun game and help save rhinos simultaneously. Pariplay has released their new product set in Africa’s grasslands, with 10% of profits going towards Save The Rhino International!

Help protect the endangered species by exploring this five-reel, 60-second game. Bonus rounds will land you free spins, and different animals affect your stake! The gorilla is worth five times what’s on it, so make sure to get that one if you are interested in winning some money back with an RTP of 95%.

5. Bar Bar Black Sheep

The three reels of this game are an interesting throwback to older slot machines. The 15 paylines provide plenty for players who like their betting options, but it’s still simple and easy enough for anyone to play with minimal knowledge about everything!

By playing Microgaming’s slot machine, you can win big with a jackpot of up to 2 singles and an extra bet. The Bar Bar Black Sheep Bonus will reward players who keep their eyes peeled for this exciting promotion by rewarding them 999 times the original wager!

6. Big Win Cat

You can win big playing Play’n GO’s cat-themed slot game with an RTP of 96%.

You’ll be playing at high speeds, trying to land the ReSpin feature. If you get matching symbols across all of your lines and sevens in a row, it’s wonky enough for you! With this Wheel Of multipliers, you can win 800x original wager – so let’s do some gambling!

7. Dolphin Quest

Microgaming’s Dolphin Quest is a game that will take your breath away with its incredible detail. The sea creatures are so real you might mistake them for being out in nature!

With the Golden Dolphin bonus feature, you can spin again and stop at any time to reveal your prize – up to 150K! If that’s not enough, try betting on red or black. The jackpot sees an additional 12500 added into whatever initial stake was placed, so it’ll pay off big iffy as well.