Roulette Strategy: Odds and Payouts – Reviewed by Ben Sherman

Roulette Strategy: Odds and Payouts It might seem simple at the casino or playing online,…

Roulette Strategy: Odds and Payouts

It might seem simple at the casino or playing online, but there’s far more to this classic. Reviewed by Ben Sherman recalls: you can bet on any number besides just one with its odds and strategies for each combination!

People have been interested in betting on where the ball will land in roulette for quite some time now because of the excitement it provides. Because it is a game of chance, luck plays a significant part in roulette, which is one of the reasons why it is so fascinating.

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Basic Odds


The house edge in online or land-based roulette is decided by the range of numbers you choose, represented by a fraction from 1/ Drawing any single number. When playing double zeros ( fateful ), it’s essential to consider which type will give your team an advantage before picking up cards!

If you want to take your betting game up a notch, various bets are on the table. For example, if we compare straight-up bets against each other, 35:1 is one of those odds where winning means earning more than what was initially put in!

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Even Bets

Why not make your bets even more specific? Stakes for red or black, odd/even 1 to 8 and 19-36 are all the same. They will pay out at Even Money, which is precisely half of what a coin toss does! This means these wagers give you chances that you can double the money (or lose it). The presence of doubles in this game increases the house edge significantly; we recommend avoiding them unless there’s something special about those numbers, like their birthdays.

The odds of winning with an evens bet are 47.37%. That’s pretty high for any casino game, and you’ll have to put up quite the gamble to make money playing roulette, but it seems like there would be less risk involved than other types since all ten numbers don’t appear at once on one wheel!



What are you waiting for? It’s time to put your money where the sun doesn’t shine and invest in some Caribbean sunlight. This 12-location bet offers returns of 2:1, which means that a C$10 investment will bring back up 30 cents (including the original stake). Get started today!

When you bet on a dozen, the odds are 31.58% in your favour- not as good as winning one number but better than betting individual numbers, and there is no house edge. Built into this game!

Double Street

Double street is one of the most profitable betting options. If you’re lucky enough to be situated between two rows and place your bet on that corner, then there will always be at least five numbers in each pair, and any six-sided die roll comes with an extra win! The payouts for these wins can vary depending on what kind it may have been – 5:1 or even better if it’s a perfect score (6:1).

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The real chances of winning your double street bet are not very good. You have a 13% chance of landing the best possible outcome on the Roulette table!


The game is played with five numbers at the top of tables 1 through 9. The corner shared by these two bets will be where you place your chip if it’s between 0 and 3 or 2-5; otherwise, stick to putting them on either side so there are no draws when spinning.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make some money, or if the excitement of betting on your favourite game will keep you coming back again, Roulette is worth checking out. With odds like 13%, it’s possible (but not guaranteed) that one person could win up 6-1.


The roulette corner bet is a great way to ensure that your chances are in even numbers. If you place them on the middle number, 8-to-1 odds aren’t bad!

The odds of your corner bet winning are decent at 10.5%, which means that if you put up $100 on the line, there’s about an 8-to1 chance for returns as profit when all is said and done!


Street bets are a great way to bet on the spread. The outer edge of each number in this type of layout will be where you should place your chips, and if it’s 11-to-1 odds like they say, then that means there’s plenty of opportunity for big winnings.

The chances of you scoring a successful bet on any street in roulette are 7.8%, which is an okay play for potentially big paydays.

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Split Betting is an exciting new way to gamble! You can put down two bets on different numbers in one roll, and if they’re both winners, then you’ll get a payout of 17:1. It’s like getting lucky twice over with this inside bet that has intersecting lines at its centre A SplitBet allows players the opportunity for big gains when combined with other strategies such as parlays or teasers.

The odds of winning a split bet are solid but in no way guaranteed.

Straight Up

Betting on a single number is the most exciting option at roulette. If you’re able to get that perfect roll, your payout will be 35 times greater than what they offer for betting combined – which means, in this case, it would result in C$360 if won outright!

With such low odds, it’s no surprise that many gamblers want to take advantage of this big payout. But you’re risking more than $2-3 on each bet! The straight-up payoff provides winners with incredible rewards for taking huge risks – but don’t let them fool you: They only have 2%.

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Comparing odds like this is a great way to improve your roulette strategy when betting at the table or in any online casino. Many systems can be used, but some bring bigger payouts than others; gamblers need to know what they want from their bet before placing it.

Playing at an online casino is the best way to get the most out of your roulette experience. There are so many options available, and you can test how knowledgeable a player might be about this game with their knowledge put to use in real-time!